UNDP Digital strategy

Future forward

AI, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Virtual Reality; the future is coming @ us, fast. UNDP is splicing digital into its corporate DNA—harnessing its potential to do good for more people, better and faster.

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Based on two concepts

There are two inter-related concepts that are important for UNDP’s Digital Strategy: Digitization and Digitalization. Digitization is the process of converting physical information into digital formats. It is commonly driven by technologies which focus on enhancing efficiency by automation of existing processes. Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change an organization’s business model, including creating new or improved ways of delivering services, and improving the quality of what is delivered.

01   Introduction

Harnessing digital’s potential for development

We’re powering up UNDP’s already strong history of innovation, using the best tools in the smartest ways; building a bridge over the digital divide, fighting the ambitious battles of the future, today. For everybody.

02   Why transform?


Pathways to the SDGs


Digital Transformation
Pathway 1

Pathway 1 focuses on using digital technologies to improve our partner experience and solve development challenges. Here we aim for innovation in delivery, co-creation, collaboration, and advocacy.


Digital Transformation
Pathway 2

Pathway 2 uses digital technologies to improve the quality, relevance and impact of UNDP´s work, while also improving the efficiency of UNDP’s operational systems and internal processes. Here we aim for knowledge sharing, improved data usage, and greater efficiency.

Becoming limitless

We’re all in; doing whatever it takes to ensure we frame our work through a digital lens. It’s a bottom-up plan that never forgets our clients and partners come first.

04   How will UNDP Transform?